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PlantPure Nation - The Official YouTube Release

This good documentary is now streaming free on YouTube as they get close to releasing the sequel.

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How Long Are You Contagious With The Flu?

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Instant Pot Spaghetti - Getting it Right

Spaghetti in the Instant Pot can be a real challenge. Jill McKeever has cracked the code. Looking forward to trying it.

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An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away (Apple Health Benefits: Fighting Cancer, Brain Health, and More!)

I’m buy a bag of organic apples today!

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Best Food to Prevent Common Childhood Infections |

Wow! Adding just a tiny bit of nutritional yeast to your diet is small and delicious way to cut down on childhood colds and upper respiratory..

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Best Vegan Carrot Cake Ever

Best Vegan Carrot Cake Ever

In honor of National Carrot Cake Day (Feb 3),  I thought I would create my own version of the famous Commissary Cake. A good friend made the decadent Commissary Cake for my birthday three years ago. That cake came to mind when I saw that we have a National Carrot Cake...

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Follow Your Heart VeganEgg Review

Follow Your Heart VeganEgg Review

So. Would you like the good new first or the bad on my recent taste tests and experiences with Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg? For me, I like to end on a high note so let’s get the bad news over with. The highly anticipated FYH VeganEgg is being touted as having a...

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