The St. Croix River Valley is home to Dishing it out in the Valley

I’m blessed to live in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. Photo by Gary Noren


Thank you for visiting “Dishing it out the Valley!” I’m the kind of person that if you ask me a question I’m compelled to find you an answer (if I can); I like challenge and I really love to share information. When I do share information I like to make sure it’s as factual as I know it to be. So why not start a blog where I can dish about the things I love! I especially love to share anything about food. Who doesn’t love food. Right?!

Since November 2013, I have fully embraced a plant-based lifestyle. At first it was just about health. As I researched the medical studies, showing the health benefits of plant based living (or more accurately, I read, listened and watch the medical professionals who explained the studies for me), I could no longer ignore that a plant-based was the lifestyle for me.

And I love it! Eating all veg has awakened by taste buds like nothing else ever has. It takes a couple of months to get over the whole “what do I put on the plate where the meat used to be” phase, but eventually everything on the plate has equal merit and is utterly delicious. Plus, I’ve lost weight, I have way more energy, my mind is clearer and it’s opened me up to other healthy choices in my life. Great food, great life? You bet!

So how did I travel down this road? Years ago I was a vegetarian. I couldn’t tolerate buying meat from a grocery store. When I moved into a rural area I had access to farm raised grass fed meat and raw milk so I went from being a strict vegetarian to eating meat maybe 5 days out of 7.

Then, after a health scare with my husband in Nov 2013, I dove in with both feet researching the health benefits of a plant based diet. After seeing the evidence, we started eating plant based 95% of the time.

I considered myself a “dietary vegan;” just eating for my health, but that didn’t last very long. After reading the devastating effects that raising animals and dairy for human consumption has on the environment, I also became a vegan for environmental reasons. And finally, I am now a compassion vegan too. I am greatly pained by the number of animals that are killed or mistreated for our consumption. I don’t need to eat animal products to meet my dietary needs.

But that is me. I am only speaking for me. This blog is for all types – meat free or not.

I love to dish about food and that’s what I will mostly write about.  I enjoy I love trying recipes and creating my own. All of the dishes will be vegan, but you don’t have to be a vegan to try them (and to love them!). I also love to dish about products that I use and love, restaurants (and what they have to offer for vegan diners) and some of my hobbies. A fast way to find different topics is to click on any of the subject tags on the right sidebar of this site.

If you want more information about the vegan lifestyle, check out the Resources page for links. Basically, if it’s something I love, I’ll dish about it here. So I hope you enjoy and if you haven’t subscribed to the site yet, click here. I also hope to hear from you and what you think of the recipes, et al, so please feel free to comment. Let’s dish!