So. Would you like the good new first or the bad on my recent taste tests and experiences with Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg? For me, I like to end on a high note so let’s get the bad news over with. The highly anticipated FYH VeganEgg is being touted as having a similar texture and taste as a chicken egg. Perfect for scrambled eggs, baking, etc.
FollowYourHeartIngredientsListFirst of all, what is VeganEgg made of? The primary ingredient is Alga which according to the Follow Your Heart’s website ““Algal” simply means an ingredient is derived from algae. Whole algal flour and algal protein are plant-based ingredients, produced from native microalgae originally found in the Netherlands. This algal flour and protein naturally contain high levels of healthy lipids, carbohydrates, and micronutrients. These nutrient-dense microalgae also contain all essential amino acids and are a great source of dietary fiber.” Well, that’s interesting! Oh, and it’s GMO free. Low fat too!

To prepare VeganEgg, you whisk 2 tablespoons of the powder to 1/2 cup ice cold water. The mixture will thicken. You can smell the eggy sulphur smell that comes from the black salt. A package of FYH VeganEgg makes the equivalent of a dozen eggs.

On to the bad news. My first recipe attempt was an omelet. I followed the same steps that the Sexy Vegan did on his YouTube video but my pan was either too large or I didn’t use enough egg mixture because it wasn’t going very well. Abort. Abort. Make lemonade out of lemons. I made scrambled eggs.
So what did we think of scrambled Follow Your Heart VeganEggs? I’m sorry, but the texture was too soft for me and it hardly had any egg flavor. Maybe most of the black salt flavor cooks off in the 8-10 minute cooking time? Anyway, Terry and I both prefer the texture and taste of of my tofu scrambles more. This is just our opinion though. For some people, the texture and flavor might be spot on.

Now for the good news. There was a recipe for Quiche Florentine in the package so I thought I would give it a try; quiche is supposed to have a creamy mild texture so the VeganEgg could be perfect. And it was! I don’t think anyone would be able to tell the difference between this vegan version and a chicken egg quiche. Note: I stirred the spinach and cheese into the vegan eggs instead of laying those ingredients on the bottom of the quiche. I recommend this approach.

FYR Vegan Egg Nutrition FactsI was curious about the calorie, fat and cholesterol difference between the Follow Your Heart VeganEgg (VE) quiche and a spinach and cheese chicken egg (CE) quiche. Here’s how it stacks up for a slice (1/5 of a 9 inch quiche – with the crust):

  • Calories: VE – 269; CE – 380
  • Fat: VE – 13.8g; CE – 26g
  • Cholesterol: VE – 0g; CE – 130g

I like those numbers!

Here are some really huge numbers from the Follow Your Heart website that I don’t like, and why we need to reach for egg alternatives when we can: 1 year of US egg consumption = 4,522,492,000,000 (4.5 trillion) gallons of water or enough to provide drinking water to every person in the US for 77 years. Ouch!

One of the three reasons for my being a plant eater is to lighten my footprint on this beautiful earth so the amount of water used for the growing of animals and their by-products hurts my to my core. Surely it takes resources to make vegan eggs too, but Follow Your Heart says they can make 100 vegan eggs with the same water used to produce just 1 chicken egg. Much better!

Right now VeganEgg is in limited locations  so your best bet is to order from Amazon.  Be prepared to preorder at Amazon since this product sells out quickly. It’s a little pricey at $7.49 (compared to a dozen eggs that is highly subsidized by taxes dollars) but I’ve already made eggs for two, a quiche that could serve 8 (but not at my house!), a batch of French toast and still more powder left.

Try VeganEgg for yourself and let me know what you think. I am going to make the quiche again. A lot!



P.S. I’m working on using FYH VeganEgg to make my childhood favorite simple and basic French toast. Stay tuned.
P.P.S. I purchased the Follow Your Heart Provolone for the quiche recipe. Wow, was that good. We liked the taste and texture as much, if not more, than the dairy version.

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