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An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away (Apple Health Benefits: Fighting Cancer, Brain Health, and More!)

I’m buy a bag of organic apples today!

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Best Food to Prevent Common Childhood Infections |

Wow! Adding just a tiny bit of nutritional yeast to your diet is small and delicious way to cut down on childhood colds and upper respiratory..

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Argentina’s vegan Mondays

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Study: Eating An Organic Diet Found to Reduce Pesticide Exposure in Adults by 90% in 1 Week

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FBI Hunts Rescued Pigs | The Bacon Industrial Complex

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Rib Basket – Part 1

Loreen, Jim and I went up to Jacki's to get a head start on our rib baskets (our class is supposed to be next Saturday, but we're such eager beavers we thought we'd come early and get the hoops ready with Jacki!).     First we picked out our handles from Jacki's stock...

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Our Last Jar of Sauerkraut

Homemade sauerkraut is the bomb. Once you've eaten homemade - canned, or bagged just doesn't hold a candle to the fresh deal. Every August we buy 25 pounds of cabbage for kraut and begin the preparations. We bring out the crock and the beloved pounder that my mom...

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The Image of MY Choosing

I don't like it when Facebook pulls a strange image to use as a thumbnail when I share a link on my wall. Usually it's a Facebook icon, or in the case of Dishing, the WordPress logo has all of a sudden started showing up. I'm hoping this plug-in will do the...

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