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An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away (Apple Health Benefits: Fighting Cancer, Brain Health, and More!)

I’m buy a bag of organic apples today!

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Best Food to Prevent Common Childhood Infections |

Wow! Adding just a tiny bit of nutritional yeast to your diet is small and delicious way to cut down on childhood colds and upper respiratory..

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Argentina’s vegan Mondays

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Study: Eating An Organic Diet Found to Reduce Pesticide Exposure in Adults by 90% in 1 Week

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FBI Hunts Rescued Pigs | The Bacon Industrial Complex

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Free to a Good Home…..

Before you think I'm giving away the dog (don't worry Scuppers, you're safe), I'll give you a clue to what I'm giving away. I gifted myself, for Christmas, a 7 in 1 Instant Pot cooker and I'm so glad I did. I'm ready to part with 4 of my current devices now that I...

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Goal for 2015 – Mindful Consumption

I guess you could say that I made a huge leap being mindful of the effects of my choices on the earth a year ago when I stopped eating animal products. I purposefully made the choice to do my part to help the environment*. In fact, I'm pleased to report that in the...

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Thanksgiving Menu Plan

For me menu planning is as much fun as the preparation and eating of a meal. Sometimes even better since I tend to have an overactive imagination. I enjoy searching the web and my archives for recipes that give me the color, texture, and flavors that I think will...

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