Here are some of the resources I used when becoming vegan and I go back to over and over again. Food blogs, movies, YouTube lectures, Vloggers, and Podcasts these resources can help you get started in eating more healthfully and compassionately. I’ll keep adding resources as I find them.

Tip: New to plant based eating and/or thinking about? I recommend starting with the documentaries and watch them in the order listed.

Documentaries (Available on Netflix, Amazon and YouTube):

  1. Forks Over Knives
  2. Earthlings (this is a tough one to watch, but it’s real and you need to be aware. It’s ok to close your eyes sometimes – I did)
  3. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
  4. PlantPure Nation
  5. Vegucated – 3 NYC volunteers agree to go vegan. If you watched the first 4 movies, it’s time for you to have a few laughs.
  6. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – major healing through juicing
  7. Food Matters
  8. Raw for 30 Days – reversing type 2 diabetes through a raw foods diet

Here are some vegan websites I frequent for recipes:

Fat Free Vegan

Heather Nicholds – and I especially enjoy her videos.

Lisa Project Vegan

Nouveau Raw

Post Punk Kitchen

Vegan Coach


I love, love, love YouTube for recipes and general support of my vegan lifestyle. Here are a few:

Hot for Food

Cooking With Plants

Simple Daily Recipes

Bite Size Vegan

And just for fun, Fun for Louis follows Louis Cole as he travels around the world. He happened to go vegan (after watching Conspiracy) the day I found him on YouTube! He’s always upbeat and positive.

Answers to the some of the questions vegans are asked: 

Do you get enough protein?

What about the jobs that the meat industry creates?


Chocolate, Cheese, Meat and Sugar Physically Addictive-Neal Barnard, MD

Dairy: 6 reasons you should avoid it at all costs-Mark Hyman, MD (a 6 min video)

Olive Oil is Not Healthy-Michael Klaper, MD

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear-Gary Yourofsky (his style is pretty impassioned but so is his message)

Vegan resources:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – They encapsulate the research for you

How To Win An Argument With A Meat-Eater

Why Organic, Grass-Fed Livestock is Not as ‘Sustainable’ as You Might Think

Getting Real About our Food Choices 

List of Vegetarian Foods High in Protein